The Bollinger B1 is all Electric, all wheel drive and all aluminum. That’s a lot of ‘all’s’ but this is all you need. This is the worlds first all-electric sport utility truck. Bollinger Motors started in 2014 and has spent the time to design and engineer a best in class looking vehicle that we are drooling over. With a 100% electric drivetrain you get instant torque, silent, zero emissions and basically a giant portable power bank to power up power tools, off-grid locations and anything else you need. Its an all-in-one adventure mobile. The ground clearance clears 15.5” and can tow up to 7500 LBS. They are planning on building this to have a 200 mile range. They are starting to take pre-orders so it might be time to step up your 4-wheel game. Its the future.

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