Adore Nature

Anytime we see a fusion of nature translated to a indoor concept we are excited to learn more. We found an amazing designer, curator and lover of nature in Japan building mini-worlds called Mosslight-LED. You cannot purchase them but you are encouraged to design your own.

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The Mosslight-LED terrarium keeps you in touch with nature, so you can enjoy it even when you are indoors.


Moss was the first plant to grow on Earth 400 million years ago. It produces oxygen through photosynthesis. Moss forms a carpet, enabling plants to grow; eventually, a forest forms on it. Moss is vital for creating natural environments indispensable for humans. There are 20,000 varieties of moss in the world and 1,800 in Japan alone, helping nature to thrive.

Unlike other plants, moss does not require fertilizers to grow. It just needs light and water.LED lighting has advanced in recent years: it is compact, with high-intensity illumination and color-rendering properties. It is an ideal source of lighting for growing and looking at moss. That’s why we chose to use it for our Mosslight-LED.

The Mosslight functions as a self-standing light in a room and also has a soothing effect when one looks at it.

The first Mosslight was produced 3? years ago. Moss grows healthily just with light from an LED lamp and a weekly spray of water. Read about how to grow moss, go out and see places where moss grows, coordinate with other people who love moss, and expand your horizons!

Mosslight-LED Enjoy life and nature to the fullest. Experience the delights of an LED lamp terrarium.

* We don’t sell Mosslight-LED.