Easiest Plane To Fly | ICON A5

I remember having multiple dreams as a kid of flying around like a super hero, they were the best dreams! Carving around sky scrapers, dropping down cliff sides and shooting up to the sky. Since most of us do not have super human powers or massive bank account to pay for the many hours of flight lessons and million dollar planes, it really isn’t an option to fly. That’s where Icon Aircraft comes in with their A5 aircraft. This plane is famous for being one of the easiest planes to learn to fly. But wait there’s more!
Okay, ready to have your mind blown? This plane is also an amphibious aircraft, has collapsing wings for easy storage and tow-ability behind vehicles and – here’s the best part – it has a parachute for the plane itself! Yup, a parachute. This is just in case something unexpected happens, the parachute will float you back down to safety. The Icon A5 Aircraft comes fully equipped at $359,000. The A5 seats 2 people and the range is 427nm. For a small plane, the capabilities of exploring off road locations is pretty amazing. This plane is perfect for those Land, Sea and Air adventures.