Exploring New York’s Waterways with New York’s Bravest

When one thinks of the people protecting the waters that surround New York City, the Fire Department of New York is probably not the first group to come to mind. Living in NYC it’s easy to forget that, unless you live in the Bronx, you live on an island. Manhattan sits just off the southern tip of New York State, sandwiched by the Hudson and East rivers. Those rivers spill out into the New York Harbor, home to Staten Island, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty. Brooklyn and Queens occupy the easternmost part of Long Island. They also border the East River, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Long Island Sound, and are home to countless canals, bays, harbors, and more.

Just as they do on land in the Five Boroughs, the FDNY is there, safeguarding all of New York City’s waterways, ready to answer the call from their station in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard. Aiding them in their work is an impressive fleet of patrol and emergency response vehicles, tools, and even Mustang Survival Classic Flotation Bomber Jackets.  

Earlier this year, we were fortunate enough to spend a rainy winter day with them on Marine 6 patrolling the New York Harbor, and to get to know the ships, gear, and great people who keep NYC’s waterways free from harm for all of us. Thank you to the FDNY for having us and for all that you do to help ensure we can continue our urban explorations safely.