Fly Fishing the World – Patagonia

Austin Trayser Photography, Chile

Fly-fishing Chile with Photographer-Guide Austin Trayser

Over the years we’ve seen some pretty inexplicable things in Patagonia, Chile. For example this perfect full moon rainbow over the lake (first image). To see it with the naked eye was like a dream. The massive cliff wall lit up like it was daytime. The southern cross (appearing on the top left part of the frame) is the first constellation to appear at night. We use it like a beacon to help navigate and keep perspective when we’re exploring new terrain.

The variety of climate within a few hours of our basecamp/lodge is very unique to anywhere in the world. From the violent surf on the Pacific coast, to the mix of fresh and salt fjord lands just inland. Moving east the terrain looks more like the American West; a mix of everything from large river valleys and lakes ranging from 2-200km long. Followed by high desert and glacial spring water leeching east towards the Pampas of Argentina. A quick google earth scan of southern Patagonia leaves the mind wandering what has and has not been explored yet. I revel at the opportunity to explore and put my feet down in untouched places. Here, you can do that.

Bozeman based photographer and fishing guide Austin Trayser has been exploring the incredible coast, lakes and rivers of Patagonia for 10 years. From the wild Pacific coast to fresh and salt water fjords to the dry inland lakes and river valleys, his incredible photography captures a dreamland of raw culture and nature. Break out of your confines and contact Austin… any interested adventurers? Just give him a call:  630.338.5712 – and check out @traysermedia.