Get Your Alpine Inspo on with Amundsen Sports

Oslo, Norway. 2011. It was 100 years from the day that explorer Roald Amundsen planted Europe’s first flag in Antartica. His descendant Jorgen, inspired by that achievement, launched a brand designed to challenge and simplify the way people dress for their outdoor activities. Amundsen Sports is that brand and here at Vanish, we can’t get enough of their 2020 collection.

Each piece perfectly combines a classic, alpine aesthetic with bold, fresh design cues in a timeless manner. And we love that their styles translate perfectly for both women and men. Here are four standout pieces we’re excited to highlight. We’ll start from head-to-toe beginning with eyewear.

Treeline Sunglasses ($119)

We love this more modern take tradition mountaineering eyewear. The Treeline comes in Tortoise Forest or Cola Amber and either option give us just the right kind of adventure-filled vibes.


Roamer Fleece ($199)

We dig this fleece pullover’s lightweight looks at high front pouch pocket. It comes in Desert, Faded Blue, or our favorite, Golden Pyre.


7 Incher Field Shorts ($149)

Coming in a wide variety of colorways, the these rugged shorts leverage a useful function as their primary design element. Its 4-way stretch Cordura is complemented by waxed canvas reinforced pockets that keep your ECD extra dry.


Winter ($400) and Safari ($299) Mucks

These stylish boots we have a pedigree to match their looks. We dig the Vibram Arctic Grip sole and insulated gaiter on the Winter Mucks (shown on left) and the leather/canvas combo of the upcoming Safari variant (show on right).