Howler Brothers Stockman Stretch Snapshirt: Perfect Wear for Cooler Conditions

When embarking on any adventure into the great outdoors, it makes sense to be ready for any sort of condition that’s thrown your way. After all, Mother Nature isn’t known to be forgiving to those who think they know better than her. That’s why the Howler Brothers have come up with a solution in their Stockman Stretch Snapshirt that seeks to keep the wild elements back where they belong.

Unique Blend of Materials for Any Activity

The Stockman Stretch Snapshirt from Howler Brothers is the solution they’ve come up with that we’re loving here at Vanish. This shirt carries a unique blend of polyester, rayon and spandex in order to create a stretchable, yet protective coating to your upper body. Whether you’re planning to camp, hike, catch a sunset on the coast or embark on any other outdoor activity, this shirt will remain protective and flexible at all times.

Variety of Size and Color

The Stockman Snapshirt comes in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from small to double extra large. It also comes in three different colors. The first (and classic) is the brown Sandalwood. This will blend nicely in a variety of environments, both indoor and out. The second is a nice Teal, for those who might want to visit the ocean with their new shirt. The third color is a grayish Moss, allowing for a combination with as many colors as one might desire.

High-Performing Wear at an Affordable Value

Undoubtedly, our friends at Howler Brothers have looked to make this shirt as flexible as possible, and not just in the actual material sense. It can be worn comfortably in almost all environments and with almost any combination of clothing.

The high-performing Stockman Stretch Snapshirt from Howler Brothers MSRP’s at an affordable $89 and is available here.