Matuse CATO Multisport Wetsuit

Matuse aims with all their products to bring a “less-is-more, function-first and solution specific design ethos — for whatever activity you love most”. Their new CATO Multisport Wetsuit might be the truest expression of that ethos to date. Borrowing from surfing, swimming (think open water triathlons), body surfing, and kiting, the CATO is a suit built for the consummate “waterman”. While most medium weight wetsuits would be 4mm in the torso and 3mm in the extremities, the CATO is a 4/2/1.5 for maximum functionality and flexibility. Combined with Matuse’s Geoprene neoprene and chamberZERO Technology it simultaneously reflects back your body heat and traps it within small air chambers within the suit. Whatever waterborne pursuit you’re setting out to do, there’s a solid chance the CATO can have you covered.