Overlander Spotlight: Firestone Adventures 4Runner

For this week’s edition of our Overlander Spotlight, we caught up with Firestone Adventures. This is one of those rigs we all wish we had in the driveway. Enjoy!

What was your vehicle born as? Year, make, model? How long have you had it?
The Firestone Tires 4Runner was born from an idea with Team4Runner in 2018. It has undergone a few revisions and are happily into year 3 with the rig!

Can you tell us about your three favorite mods or features?
Our Firestone Destination M/T2 Tires ($194) no doubt! A close second and third is our Dobinsons suspension and CBI Off Road Fabrication bumper ($1,375).

What’s been your favorite trip/destination with your rig so far?
Oh man, that is tough to say! This rig has traveled over 75,000 miles across more than 25 states if I have that right… I think our trip across the Blue Ridge Mountains was a top one!

Where to next?
Alaska… and the trip is in planning mode!

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