Overlander Spotlight: Matt Hein of Cantonment and his LR4

For this week’s Overlander Spotlight we caught up with Matt Hein: craftsman, product guy, and Co-Founder of the new EDC brand Cantonment. We’re stoked on his rig and hope you are too.

Who are you and what do you do by day?
I’m Matt Hein.  I do a lot of different things with my time. First and foremost, I’m a husband and father with four awe-inspiring little girls. I pay the bills by developing and creating custom products to help my clients grow their brands and reward their fans. I also just launched an exciting outdoor accessory brand, Cantonment with my two best, lifelong friends. Our flagship product is the Kerchief, an EDC tool cloth that is a vastly improved take on the common neckerkerchief. Lastly, I spend a lot of time making things from wood, leather, or whatever else. I love to show off what I do on Instagram and on my personal site.

Tell us a bit about your rig.
We found a very clean 2014 Land Rover LR4 about 14 months ago. It had, and still has, this beefy BajaRack roof rack, but it was paired with the most horrific, ginormous rims and low profile tires. It was honestly terrible and confusing. I guess the big rack was there to hold all the shopping bags after an adventure to the outlets.

Can you tell us about your favorite mods or features?
We have a long way to go, but so far my favorite mods have been the Johnson Rods lift and the 18” Compomotive wheels we had to order straight from England. LR4’s can’t go lower than 19” wheels unless they are specially made, just for this truck. We fitted them with BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A® KO2’s and I couldn’t be happier with the look and performance. We have a long way to go with armor but so far we’ve added the Tactical 4×4 rear bumper with the tire holder and one jerry can. Next is the T44 front bumper, rock sliders and skid plates. I’m dying for that for the peace of mind.

What’s been your favorite trip so far?
Well…it’s COVID time so we haven’t been able to really go far. We live right by American Fork Canyon in Utah and we drag our four daughters up there and explore every weekend. We basically go until it gets too sketchy for my skills. I can’t tell you exactly where it was, but bouldering up a dried river bed has been my favorite trip.

Where to next?
More Moab. Duh.

Follow Cantonment on Instagram or purchase their Kerchiefs on Huckberry.