Overlander Spotlight: Offroad Allroad

As we keep our Overlander Spotlight series going, we’re stoked to introduce you to one of our favorite modders: Gene Pascua and his offroad allroad, known to most as @dffrent_allroad.

Who are you and what do you do by day?
I’m Gene Pascua and I am a creative production artist, photographer, and advertising designer.

What’s the story behind your take on an overlander?
I purchased my Audi allroad in 2015 and didn’t expect it to turn out the way it is today. I’ve been part of Audi clubs and the majority of modifications done on Audi’s are usually done for pavement hugging, a.k.a. slammed or lowered. So I’d like to think that mine really stands out among most allroad mods.

Can you tell us about your three favorite features?
Favorite three modifications would be: first my suspension most of all, since there isn’t a lift suspension readily available for the allroad so it had to be fabricated. This would be iteration 7 on the suspension, the first initial suspension was installed by CA Tuned in Sacramento. Second would be my lights by Rigid Industries, as I’ve always been a fan of their products prior to this build. And lastly my vinyl wrap that was installed by SS Customs in Redwood City.

What’s been your favorite trip/destination with your rig so far?
So far it would have to be Alabama Hills on Hwy 395 in California (or anywhere along that route).

What’s your dream expedition?
It would most likely be Utah through either Valley of the Gods or the big one would be heading out to the Australian Outback with it!

Be sure to follow all of Gene’s offroad allroad adventures on Instagram.