Overlander Spotlight: Travis Titus and his 2019 TRD Off Road Premium 4Runner

For today’s Overlander Spotlight, we’re getting to know both a rig and a brand. We caught up with Travis Titus of Titus Adventure Company to learn about his overlander and how it inspired his company.

Who are you and what do you do by day?
Hi, my name is Travis Titus and I’m the founder and owner of the Titus Adventure Company. During the day you can find me cleaning cars, playing with gear, doing check-outs with customers, and anything else that needs to be done running a business!

What was your vehicle born as? Year, make, model? How long have you had it?
Hank was born in 2019 and is a TRD Off-Road Premium 4Runner that we bought new and was the first vehicle in the fleet. He is named after legendary country singer Hank Williams and all of our vehicles bear the names of country western singers.

Can you tell us about your favorite mods or features?
While Hank has incredibly good bones, we did do some mods to make him Colorado adventure-ready. We put on RCI steel skid plates and rock sliders along with the KO2 AT tires from BFGoodrich. He has been lifted as well with Toytec’s new Boss 2.0 suspension kit. The best feature however is the rooftop tent and 270 degree awning from Alu-Cab. They are both incredibly easy to set up and the most durable on the market. Customers always report back to us that they had their best night camping ever in our tents.

What’s been your favorite trip/destination with your rig so far?
Buffalo Pass near Steamboat Springs with my 4yr old daughter. We did a 3 day drive over the 4WD pass and were treated with moose, wildflowers, fishing, and had nobody in sight at night. There is also incredible mountain biking on singletrack off the pass.

Where to next? What’s your dream expedition?
I want to try a bike/packraft trip soon. We rent out Kokopelli packrafts and the guys over there have me sold on doing a float trip where you bike to the put-in, blow the packraft up, break the bike down and lay it over the front of the boat and then float on down there river. When you get to the take-out, you reassemble the bike and ride out!

To learn more about how you can rent a Hank of your own, check out Titus Adventure Company’s website and give them a follow on Instagram.