Racing Atelier Rucksack #1

Dyneema and leather. One of the newest high strength components and one of the very oldest. Both incredibly versatile and capable of developing stunning wabi sabi. Using both, Racing Atelier, a design studio out of Germany, may have made the most beautiful backpack we’ve ever seen to create their Rucksack #1. Limited to 25 total pieces, the Rucksack #1 is being handmade in batches of five in the Bavarian Alps. While it’s worthy of gracing your wall, the Rucksack #1 is also built to perform in the field with vegetable tanned leather, 102g/m2 Dyneema composite, custom designed aluminum hardware, and Riri zippers. The shoulder straps alone are the result of a few years worth of R&D, made to best form to your body under weight. At over $1,000 it’s a steep investment, but one you won’t get tired of…ever.