Revelshine Re-Launches First Wine Custom Built for Outdoors

A fourth generation Sonoma county wine maker broke tradition and launched not just the first wine brand designed to be used and enjoyed in celebration of outdoor pursuits, but put it in a virtually indestructible, 100 percent recyclable, made-in-America 500ml aluminum bottle.

The name, says founder Jake Bilbro, is a combination of Soul Shine (Allman Brothers Band) and Revelstoke (the ski area), and the wines are custom blended in Red, White, and Rose to achieve a replicable but nearly perfect taste for any situation to be shared outdoors with friends.

These sleek, lightweight, beautiful, re-closeable aluminum bottles are far from canned wine, and preserve the tradition of savoring and sharing high quality wine where before wine could not go — rafting trips, pool parties, hut trips and chair lifts.

Video produced and directed by Local Studio, images by Kylie Fly.