Solomon Raises Bar with New S/LAB XA Alpine 2 Trail Runners

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The year 2020 has thrown America through the wringer. Now that coronavirus is dragging into the winter, the strange times seem to keep getting stranger. With social interactions increasingly stifled, many people are wondering how they’re going to stay sane through the winter. 

Our team at Vanish has noted that the individuals who thrive in tough times are bold hearted and passion-filled. The type of people always looking for a new outlet to sink their restless energy in. They carry with them the last vestiges of that great pioneering spirit, which defined generations of iron-willed American trailblazers, mountaineers, and adventurers of every stripe. Salomon’s S/Lab XA Alpine 2 trail running shoes are built for that type of people.

Lose yourself among the elements

Rain or shine, it’s go time. The Alpine 2’s are water repellent and built for every terrain. No matter what the season, this shoe is ready for whatever mother nature has to throw at it. The Alpine 2’s iconic zipper cuff effectively seals the top of the shoe around your ankle, preventing water, snow, rocks and sand from ruining your run.

Take your adventure above the treeline

Charge across loose shale. Glide through thick marshes. Scale-up winding mountainsides like the Rocky Mountain goat.

The Alpine 2 uses Salomon’s patented Contagrip technology to allow for maximum grip on loose, soft, rugged, and uneven surfaces. Contagrip features deep, sharp lugs made from a compound that balances durability and adhesion, allowing you to move seamlessly from one terrain to another. 

Maximum comfort made for you

The Alpine 2’s dual-density midsole combines foams with two different densities to provide superior cushioning, stability, and motion control.

Invest in a shoe made for your foot, not someone else’s. The Alpine 2 makes use of Salomon’s revolutionary SensiFit technology to provide a product with a secure and comfortable fit. Similar to memory foam, SensiFit adjusts to the unique contours of your foot, allowing for maximum comfort in all conditions.

Treat yourself 

Unwind from a stressful year, and give yourself the gift of adventure this holiday season. Check out to see even more epic trail running shoes, plus there hundreds of other outdoor products, including best-in-class backpacks, skis, casual wear, and more. You deserve it.