SELF/ish: The New Skincare Powerhouse Encouraging Men to Be ‘Selfish’

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Watch out world, there’s a new sheriff in the town of men’s skincare….

The minds behind 100% American made, SELF/ish, provide a range of high-end men’s products that are made with ultra-clean formulations that you can use confidently as you take on any day!

Pioneered by Andrew Knox, Jason Cooper and Matt Young, this founding trio strives to ‘empower men to be selfish and take time to take care of themselves each day’. The LA based team has developed a unique formula specifically for men’s specific skin-physiology, rate of hair growth, sweat production, and pH levels.

A couple of the gents on our team at Vanish have even been lucky to get to try out a few of the SELF/ish products for themselves and the consensus is clear. We love the sleek look of the products and are even more psyched on the fact that each SELF/ish product is catered to tackle the many pesky issues we as men face…on our faces. You can be rest assured that with SELF/ish Skincare, problems from shaving and ingrowns will be a thing of the past. Furthermore, the SELF/ish products are chock full of benefits that combat anti-aging and protect skin integrity qualities.

In describing the consumer profile of SELF/ish, co-founder Andrew Knox, goes to tell us that “SELF/ish is truly built for the modern man.” This modern man, as Knox elaborates “is strong, confident and assertive, and he makes no apologies for it.” SELF/ish is perfect for active men – physically, and mentally – and encourages all those men who may not want to lose their ruggedness, that they don’t have to compromise on their skincare routine. He appreciates products that combine keen intelligence with sleek design.

SELF/ish is setting the new standard for performance products that are formulated with the utmost of clean ingredients. Their products are entirely free of Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates and over 100 other “no-list” ingredients. Co-Founder Jason Cooper proudly adds, “All products are 100% clean and have been developed for the health and well-being of even the most discerning self- care advocate.” The range is designed to fit the unique skin needs of the active man, with two proprietary complexes that can only be found here:

  1. VITAMIN BOOST COMPLEX: Provides a punch of Vitamin A, B, C, E and F for skin that’s conditioned and protected.
  2. ACTIVE ACID COMPLEX: Delivers a gentle, daily-use blend of natural exfoliants to rid the skin of dead cells for a consistently fresh appearance.

Along with other potent acids, active natural ingredients, and nourishing botanicals, the complete SELF/ish Skincare line consists of the following seven products:

  1. FACIAL CLEANSER: A gentle, effective cleanser powered by Active Acid Complex to instantly brighten his complexion for a fresh, healthy look.
  2. FACIAL SCRUB: Gentle, effective scrub to slough away dead surface skin cells and soften facial hair for a smoother shave.
  3. OIL-FREE FACIAL MOISTURIZER: An antioxidant vitamin-rich, oil-free daily moisturizer for all skin types; powered by Active Acid Complex to instantly brighten his complexion for a fresh, healthy look.
  4. EYE CREAM: A lightweight, antioxidant vitamin-rich eye treatment to protect, moisturize and smooth the eye area.
  5. EXFOLIATING PADS: Powerful effective scrub to slough away dead surface skin cells and soften facial hair for a smoother shave and give skin a power boost to eradicate dullness.
  6. BAR SOAP: A moisturizing bar richin in shea and mango seed butters to keep your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.
  7. HAND SANITIZER: A lightweight liquid with 80% alcohol to kill harmful bacteria and germs while protecting and moisturizing hands 

Taking their commitment to men’s health one step further, SELF/ish has also brokered a partnership with men’s health advocacy group Movember (you may know them as the group who get guys everywhere to grow their staches out in November for men’s health awareness👨🏻): with every purchase of a cleanser and scrub, the brand very unselfishly gives back $5, which goes toward myriad men’s related causes.

The SELF/ish skincare range offers seven products, available now on All of the products are formulated to comply with industry standards for clean formulations, and 100% of packaging is made in the US. For more information on this men’s skincare REVOLUTION, visit or follow @selfishskin on social to keep up.