Vasque Powers Forward with their Kids Hiking Boots: The St. Elias UltraDry Hiking Boot

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Winter’s almost here with all the thrills our kiddos love. With that said, it’s time to stock up on quality and reliable hiking boots for your kids. Thankfully, our friends at Vasque have dropped a pretty stellar footwear solution to help in keep their little feet warm, safe, and secure, so they can keep having fun.

For hikers, there’s an even greater need to shop for season-appropriate shoes that can protect the little ones’ feet and ensure they stay safe from slip, trips, and blisters, once they hit the trail. A pair that’s great on comfort, support, and grip and perfect on weight and waterproofing.

Getting the right hiking boots for your kid is never easy

Just like us at Vanish, every little hiking grom loves the thrills of the trail. But with the inherent risks on their feet after trekking and hiking for hours, comfortable hiking footwear is the key to enable them to stay in it to cover more miles without any complaints (though sibling bickering is always inevitable and Vasque is not liable for any of that).

The only way to achieve the peak of these fun-filled hikes is by choosing boots for your munchkins that are carefully designed for their own mini-human sizes. The ideal boots are over-the-ankle and waterproof enough to keep their feet dry throughout the outing.

You may be wondering – What boots are these ideal boots you speak of? Luckily, we have intel that there is a pair out that are rough terrain ready and score high on all-weather waterproof protection…

Enter, Vasque’s Kids St. Elias UltraDry™ Hiking Boot.

Superior unisex hiking shoes for the youth

From their features, to their performance,  Vasque’s Kids St. Elias UltraDry™ shoes are easily among the best kids hiking boots you can get for your young ones today. They are the over-the-ankle hiking shoe type, waterproof with a lace-up closure, and compact. The kid will put them on, walk on wet paths, cross small water pools, and play in the water, but the inside will remain dry.

Interestingly, these same shoes guarantee safe and accident-free hikes. Forget about the Suede leather, meshed Ultra-Dry membrane, and its rubber toe caps that protect the toes from injuries, this shoe’s compression-molded EVA midsoles are gold!

With EVA midsoles and rugged outsoles, every stride feels comfortable. There are even multidirectional lugs that even traction on all terrains to provide that “cushiony” feel. In the end, the overall hiking experience on these boots is what a little champ will fall in love with!

But, how durable are they?

Much as this affordable hiking boot won’t do much damage on that wallet, durability is also key to choosing any kids hiking boots. Vasque – KIDS ST. ELIAS ULTRADRY Hiking Boot comes with a suede leather top that can withstand extreme hikes for years.

Its molded rubber toe caps and the rugged outsoles are also guaranteed to last. Going by these shoes’ general build, the kid may even outgrow them and pass them on!

The boots MSRP for just $79.99 HERE, and come in either black and brown color waves. Pop a visit to Vasque and get ready for the best adventures with the whole family!


  • Gender: Kids – unisex.
  • Uppers: tough, waterproof leather, and abrasion-resistant mesh.
  • Technology: Anatomical Compression-Molded EVA midsoles, rubber toe cap, and rugged rubber Vasque Kids Monolith outsoles.
  • Lining: UltraDry waterproof, breathable membrane.
  • Size and weight: 2.0-6.0; 668g
  • Colors: Black and Chocolate Brown.