5Point Adventure Film Festival Poised for Epic In-Person Comeback

It’s been a long pandemic pause without many of our favorite traditions and gatherings that usually punctuate the seasons, but it’s finally time to start reintroducing the celebrations that have taken a backseat. And the 5Point Adventure Film Festival is back on in full force for the first time since 2019.

Outdoor adventure is one thing that hasn’t necessarily stopped for COVID, so there’s no shortage of stories on what’s been going on in the meantime or new perspectives that have bubbled to the surface. Ten different films will premiere across a variety of venues in Carbondale, Colorado, April 21-24. Sprinkled in between showings are panel discussions focused on how to find the intersection between the chasing the lifestyles that light us up and responding to concerns like social justice, equity, health, and accessibility in the outdoor industry that put up barriers to entry.

“It’s been three years since the 5Point community was last able to come together in-person to celebrate our shared values and the art of inspirational storytelling, and who could imagine how the world would change during that hiatus and how it would shape us with new resilience and perspective to forge a positive path ahead,” said 5Point Film executive director, Luis Yllanes. “We are humbled and excited to showcase some incredible filmmaking, but most importantly bring our community together after all this time for that vital connection that sparks ideas, collaboration, sharing, and inspiration.”

Gain entry to the whole weekend from April 21-24, 2022, for $365 at 5Point Film, or pick from individual events or screenings.

Film Lineup

Learning To Drown: directed by the highly acclaimed Felt Soul Media team (Ben Knight, Travis Rummel) Learning To Drown tells the remarkable story of snowboarder Jess Kimura.

The River Runner: The story of Scott Lindgren’s 20-year quest to be the first person to paddle the four great rivers that originate from Tibet’s sacred Mount Kailash. This Saturday matinee feature film presentation will include a Q&A with special guests from the film.

TORN: In 1999, climber Alex Lowe was lost in a deadly avalanche on Mount Shishapangma. Surviving the avalanche was Alex’s best friend and climbing partner, Conrad Anker, who married Alex’s widow and help raise his sons. From filmmaker, photographer, and National Geographic Explorer Max Lowe, TORN turns the lens on his own family, as the body of his father is uncovered 17 years after his death. This Sunday matinee feature film presentation will include a Q&A with special guests from the film.

The Ballad of Pecos Hank: A lonesome musician down on his luck and in love with Mother Nature risked what he had to traverse Tornado Alley in search of the world’s most violent weather. World Premiere.

A Baffin Vacation: Erik Boomer and Sarah McNair-Landry set off on a bold multi-sport 45-day expedition traveling through the remote landscape of Baffin Island in search of stunning cliffs to climb and unexplored rivers to whitewater kayak. World Premiere.

This Is Beth: Rock climber Beth Rodden is one of the most prolific athletes in climbing history, with multiple free ascents of El Capitan and first ascents of cutting-edge lines to her name. ‘This is Beth’ takes an intimate look beneath the forward-facing success of her career, diving into Beth’s grapple with body image and cruel self-talk and celebrating how she transformed this dynamic to rediscover the love of her sport. World premiere and a 5Point Film Fund recipient.

Before I Die: Following the untimely death of their father to Early-onset Alzheimer’s, the Bussell family grapples with the life-altering decision of whether to find out if they too carry the gene. Out of the family’s five children, Tristan Bussell, 36, is the only one who decides to take the DNA test. This uplifting documentary short focuses on how those test results profoundly changed the way Tristan chooses to live his life. A 5Point Film Fund recipient.

An Accidental Life: On October 11, 2017, in Yosemite on El Capitan, while at the peak of her mountaineering prowess, Quinn Brett experienced one of the most traumatic accidents in the history of rock climbing. The lessons from such horror are only shared among those who survive and not only did Quinn astonishingly live to tell the tale but even more to endure the irreparable aftermath. Over time and with great effort she finds different ways to move in the wilderness, a worthwhile job opportunity emerges, and a spark of romance returns. To forgive herself for all that she’s lost Quinn must return to her accident, confront her ghosts, and reveal the beauty of what remains. This Friday matinee feature film presentation will include a Q&A with special guests from the film.

A Thousand Casts: Throughout the course of Oliver White’s life fly fishing has been at the root of a series of once-in-a-lifetime events. What started as physical therapy led to the financial district, a business opportunity, and a near-death situation. His pursuit of fish on the fly now takes him to the mythical, magical country of Bhutan to do what he does best – figure things out.

Attack and Release: After moving with his family to the U.S. from Sri Lanka, Ranga lost his father to an unexpected heart attack. Coping with the loss eventually led him to Montana, where he was drawn to the magic of fly fishing and the solace of the river. Through being in nature and meeting the challenges of his journey, he learned the importance of mindfulness and living life with an open heart. World Premiere.

Panel Highlights

QUESTION THE SELF. New York Times bestselling author Jedidiah Jenkins for a live recording of his hit podcast, Question The Self. He’ll be joined by seasoned documentary filmmaker Taylor Rees for a two-way discussion about ego, love, friendship, and how to balance a life of creative work, adventure, and family. Stick around for a book reading and Q&A with Jedidiah after the podcast.

FINDING FLOW WITH JEREMY JENSEN co-founder of Outwild and host of the Adventurepreneur Playbook. Flow is an optimal state of consciousness, where we feel and perform our best. It’s where we feel the most alive and tend to have our most meaningful experiences. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to harness the state of flow to boost creativity, productivity, and overall well-being. The workshop will cover general flow science, identify the key flow triggers, and end with a mountain bike ride at Prince Creek.

THE ADVENTURE FILMMAKER PITCH EVENT, PRESENTED BY STIO. A central part of the mission of 5Point is nurturing and supporting the next generation of adventure filmmakers. The festival will host its first inaugural Adventure Filmmakers Pitch Event where five finalists will pitch their concepts to a jury for the chance to win a $15,000 prize. Judges include Taylor Rees, Britta Erickson, and Liz Barrett.

THE ROAD TO AN EQUITABLE OUTDOORS. Outdoor communities—and the media that reflect its values—have rallied to increase diversity, elevate equity, and honor inclusivity since 2020’s resurgence of the social justice movement. Films have been funded and programs have been launched, but we haven’t yet reached our summit. What about cyclical and sustainable justice in media for underserved and historically marginalized communities? Moderator Dani Reyes-Acosta will connect with filmmakers, athletes, brand managers, and media critics Mardi Fuller, Connor Ryan, Conor Hall, Alex Showerman, and Massimo Alpian in a community conversation taking stock of their achievements as much as the road ahead.

5Point Adventures

Get to know the creators and speakers in their element. Clinics and events on trail running, Plein air arts, fly fishing, and more give festival-goers the chance to strip away the barriers between the stage and the audience to share in the activities that put us all on the same level in the end.

5Point Film Fund

Each of the projects you see in the festival started out as an idea in need of support to get off the ground. Now it’s time for the next set of big dreams to find a leg up. If you’re interested in putting your own ideas for future films out there, look out for the official call for submissions during the festival and information on applying for funding.