Adidas Sport Eyewear Stands Out in a Hot Summer Scene

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No matter where you find yourself this summer, you’re going to need sunglasses, that much is for sure. You’re going to need to look cool, and be functional for any sport or activity that comes your way, from water skiing Michigan lakes to surfing Costa Rican beaches. Whether you are staying put this summer, going bi-coastal, or global, we’ve been testing seemingly every new sunglasses brand on the market for you — and what adidas is doing with Marcolin continues to stand out. Vanish escaped to the gorgeous and alluring desert landscape of Sedona, Arizona, with the brand to find out more.

Adidas Sport Sunglasses Land for Spring

“The inspiration for the new adidas Sport eyewear collection comes from a desire to use our technical experience and design innovation skills to create products to assist every athlete on their path to achieving their very best performance,” the brand told me in Sedona, Arizona, last year where we were on the ground to test the much anticipated product line in real life situations. “Each style is carefully designed with different sports activities in mind. For the best performance, styles vary in weight and dimension, as well as the range of lenses, to offer the best visual comfort in any condition.”

Adidas Sport eyewear offers several unique lenses and we tested many of them in Sedona, including the light red lens on the CMPT SP0064, the burgundy or smoke KOLOR-UP lenses integrated into the Aviator (SP0060), and the photochromic lens on the PRFM SP0057 (black frame with Roviex / photochromic lens).


adidas Sport frames are all made with TR-90, a super lightweight, durable and flexible (a rubberlike texture), that makes all-day wear much more comfortable. That adds to the cost (compared to a cheaper acetate frame), but is well worth it when eyewear is playing such an important part in competition and sport. Most of the adidas Sport sunglasses have prices ranging from $75 to $150 (KOLOR-UP and photochromic lenses are a higher cost).

Headquartered in Herzogenaurach/Germany, adidas is a global leader in the sporting goods industry that employs more than 61,000 people across the globe and generated sales of €21.2 billion in 2021. Marcolin is a global eyewear company founded in 1961 in the heart of the Veneto district that holds the license to design, manufacture and market adidas Sport and adidas Originals eyewear, both sun and optical. Marcolin works closely with brands to develop eyewear that reflects the a unique background, style and values.

Adidas provides its collection of sunglasses crafted with a stylish athletic design, contemporary street wear fashion, and the hip-hop culture in mind. These are high-performance, top-quality glasses that help you to keep sight of your personal vision. Being one of the most famous and iconic sports brands, Adidas is trusted throughout the world for its utmost quality sports products, spanning footwear, special equipment, apparel, and accessories, including bags, watches, and eyewear. Adidas sunglasses are more than just about accentuating the outfit.

Along with being stylish, they ensure exceptional protection for your eyes, guaranteeing a safe and extremely comfortable fit. Built for both looks and performance, Adidas sunglasses are a perfect choice for those who take care of the details and appreciate comfort and reliability. By constantly striving for innovation and excellence in craftsmanship, Adidas creates products that are both high-performance and extremely stylish. When it comes to eyewear, Adidas offers modern and highly efficient glasses that would be a perfect companion anywhere from the stadium to the street. Each pair of is crafted from top-grade materials using outstanding lens technology to guarantee an unobstructed view.

A few of the key new models…

PRFM SP0057 – These are fantastic for cycling and running. Very comfortable and great airflow.

ACTV SP0060 Aviator – Great for everyday but light and comfortable enough for activity. KOLOR-UP lens enhances contrast and is great for moving between full sun / shade areas like the Sedona canyons.

CMPT SP0064 – The rose Roviex mirror lens is great for snow / flat light and when the skies are a bit darker.

ACTV SP0067 – An ideal everyday / sport shape featuring KOLOR-UP lens technology. Hike, camp, run, paddle.

Two of the models we used in Sedona are now live on, and combined, they make the perfect combo for an active summer vacation.

PRFM SP0062 (Shield)

SP0062 – O2J – Photochromic – These competition rimless sunglasses are characterized by a 28-gram shield that improves your view and performance. New adjustable nose pads ensure a perfect fit and optimum comfort. Non-slip contact points on the temples and more extended rubber tips provide a better grip. The style is available with new HDC lenses designed to emphasize colors and contrast while reducing glare to enhance performance and safety over multiple lighting conditions. Photochromic lenses are also included in the offer, and the second clear lens is included as a spare in styles with Smoke and Mirror Lenses (removable through the quick-change lens system). This style can also mount an optical clip-in on the inner side of the mask to offer the best performance to the ones who need any correction/optical prescription. Eye 138 / Base 7 / Temple 135 / Weight 29 g

ACTV SP0060 (Aviator)

SP0060 – O2A AND O2S – The SP0060 is an ACTV Future Ultra Lite sunglass with KOLOR UP™ lenses for superior fit and function. A flexible frame and fit and perfectly angled fit due to temples that adjust to your unique head shape and size. An aeration system provides anti-fogging, and when the temperature increases, the dynamic ventilation technology prevents the lenses from fogging up and impeding your performance. Eye 58 / Base 6 / Temple 135 / Weight 23 g

Look for all of these styles available at,, and select opticians.

–Author Aaron H. Bible is an award-winning writer and multimedia producer with three decades of experience working as a content specialist, creative director, and journalist. Aaron is a contributing writer, editor and photographer to publications including SKI, Freeskier, Men’s Health, Popular Mechanics, Sunset, Gear Junkie, 5280, Elevation Outdoors, Vanish, and more. He holds an MFA in photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design, and has worked as a photographer, gallery director, and educator. A ski bum at heart, Aaron lives with his family in the high-country of Colorado where he and his wife are raising two girls to love thin air, fresh pow, and the flow state. Follow him @DefinitelyWild.