The Ultimate Portable Basecamp

Barebones Living was started to support the founder, Robert Workman, humanitarian efforts to help people provide for their basic needs. First he did it with solar power via Goal Zero. The next step was to provide clean, modular and sustainable ways to have shelter. Thats when Barebones started. The shelters that Barebones designed were modular, resistant to soaking out (unlike some canvas tents we have seen before) and durable. These shelters ended up being perfectly designed for glamping, basecamps and for any portable shelter that is needed on top of the humanitarian side. 

One of the shelters Barebones has is the Outfitter Tent. I have stayed in the Outfitter Tent on a few different occasions. One of the nights it was snowing with 40-mph gusts and it held up with no problem. We had a cast iron stove inside, connected to the integrated stove port, and it was up to 80 degree F inside when it was easily 25 degrees F outside. I’ve stayed in this tent in the summer as well and the screen windows kept a good airflow inside the tent which kept the temperature at a comfortable level.

The material for the shelter has a custom weatherproof fabric, screened windows and doors for ventilation, and front and back doors for easy access making this tent a perfect home away from home. The Outfitter Tent comes with a detachable all weather cover for when the weather takes a dump on you.

This tent can handle 1,000 lbs. of snow on the roof, 90-mph winds when properly staked and can sleep up to 6-8 people. A great addition if you are looking to optimize space is the Cam-O-Bunk cots. The footprint is a 126 sq. ft and the roof gets up to 9ft at the tallest point. The Weight is 218 pounds that packs into 2 different carrying bags.

This is a Vanish top pick for this coming up season of getting outside.