Beringia and the Masters of Bishu

Beringia Masters of Bishu Washi Paper Labels

Bishu is the historic region in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, where wool has been crafted into luxury fabrics for over three hundred years. The confluence of three rivers in Bishu provides the necessary water and clean hydro-energy to wash raw wool fiber and power the textile mills that produce the finest wool fabrics in the world. Known for their extraordinary level of quality and attention to detail, these fabrics have been mostly inaccessible to the outside world.

The wool mavens at Beringia have collaborated with specialty spinners, knitters and finishers (Masters of Bishu) to apply their expertise to designing Beringia’s own performance-oriented fabrics and apparel built for (y)our outdoor adventures. Beringia’s collection underwent 2 years of testing and design refinement in the Japanese Alps before release.

Wool is the original outdoor fiber and we at Vanish recognized this radical departure from convention. We collaborated with Beringia on a Limited Edition Camo Hoody that we have been wearing all winter. Stay tuned for the next Mo/B collab with Beringia coming in Fall/Winter 2020.