Biolite’s Light Diffusing Stuffsack

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Turn your Headlamp into a light source for ALL with Biolite’s Light Diffusing Stuffsack

While it’s no surprise that all of Biolite’s headlamps do a solid job in lighting up scenes of the night, all of us at Vanish are currently marveling over the fresh innovative brilliance of their Light Diffusing Stuffsack.

By pairing any of your traditional headlamps with Biolite’s Light Diffusing Stuffsack, the once ‘one-person headlamp’ suddenly becomes a powerful lantern that diffuses light to brighten up the whole area for many to enjoy.

Why Pick Biolite’s Light Diffusing Stuffsack?

From a powerhouse of a wearable headlamp to a convenient source of light for the whole group, this little stuffsack does an incredible job in expanding the uses of your gear. Not only that, but what’s really striking about it is the innovation in how it diffuses light.

Upon opening the Light Diffusing Stuffsack, you’ll find two little elastic loops. These loops are tactically built for inserting both ends of the straps of your headlamp, so that the lamp then hangs inside and the straps remain out.

Also, keep in mind that the light must remain suspended inside the stuffsackthe higher the light is, the more diffused it gets.

Multiple reasons to pick this Diffusing Stuffsack…

A lantern should be able to diffuse ambient light, but still be easy to carry around and hang anywhere. With this stuffsack, you’ll be able to easily hang a powerful light source from a tree, your car’s side window, the roof of your tent, etc.

What’s also great is that Biolite’s Light Diffusing Stuffsack is so soft that it allows for easy altering to different lighting modes. Simply put, you will never need to loosen the drawstrings to turn it on or off. On top of that, it’s guaranteed by Biolite to last you ages!

The Stuffsack can also store essentials

That’s right – when not in use, this sack can conveniently carry those car keys, power bars, the headlamp’s USB charger, etc. That means, even when it may not be used to diffuse light, it certainly will have another function – perfect for all you backpackers working with limited space!

All in all, Biolite’s Light Diffusing Stuffsack is a magic bag in all it can do to elevate your outdoor excursions. If you act quickly, you’ll get it for a steal HERE at $14.95. Hop on that and instantly become the hero of any night!


  • Materials: Light-diffusing Ripstop Nylon
  • Weight: 2g
  • Compatibility: almost any headlamp