Black Yak Emergency Jacket

We get to see and test virtually all available gear and garments in the market and we can objectively say, Black Yak is WAY ahead of most of the pack. The quality of the garments, the construction and finishing, and most importantly, style is the perfect combination for the modern outdoor and urban explorer. We love their hyperlight emergency jacket, which unlike other similar jackets on the market, this one is actually wearable and impeccably crafted. Weighing in at just 0.15 pounds, this layer is among the lightest wind and waterproof jackets ever made. Its featherweight quality is due in large part to the use of a special Dyneema fabric. Despite its seemingly flimsy look and light feel, the material is 10-times stronger than steel – making it ideal for taking with you into the backcountry.Get more info and purchase online here.