CAKE | Electric Off Road Bike

CAKE is a Swedish company, with a clear mission, to contribute to speeding up the transition towards a zero emission society, while enhancing excitement and fun, by developing light, silent and clean hi performance electric off-road motorbikes.KALK CAKEs first bike.

The KALK model, is a first among a number of models to come.
The focus here has been off-road performance and innovation.
The ride is strongly influenced by DH and Enduro MTBs, in terms of geometry, suspension, stance, components and handling.
As there weren’t anything off-the shelf to support the category, every single component had to be developed from an empty sheet to support the intended level of quality and durability:
The sizing, the geometry and engineering of axles, hubs, rims, the cockpit and suspension, as well as building and customizing the different parts of the drivetrain, together with developing a whole new chassis; having led to numerous patent pending’s, constituting the new category.

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