Cake Kalk&

Cake launched their Kalk electric bike last year at Outdoor Retailer to great fan fare. Since then they’ve sold out a limited edition first run of the bikes and started full scale production. They even earned the cover on a coffee table book, The Current, by published Gestalten about the future of non-petrol transportation. Last week at the winter show of Outdoor Retailer, Cake yet again impressed, announcing the Kalk&, a street legal version of their beautiful Kalk dirt bike/enduro. It’s seemingly the bike we’d been hoping for. Headlight, turn signals, and a new gear ratio make it legal for the roads in the US and Europe. The new gearing allows for a top speed of 100KPH which while not good for extended highway time, is more than enough for urban riding.  For $200 down you can reserve yours now. We’d recommend snagging some solar panels too for a fully electric ride so you’re ahead of the game.

$200 Down payment (MSRP not released yet)