How My Medic is Saving Lives

My Medic First Aid

Living a hardy, outdoor lifestyle comes with certain risks. Just a few weeks ago I was about to go scuba diving at La Jolla Cove, when a swimmer flagged my group for help. After towing him to the beach, he collapsed on the sand. Local lifeguards had already been alerted, and were ready to begin to begin CPR as soon as we hit the beach. They alternated between cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation, until paramedics arrived and rushed the swimmer to the hospital.

I wish that was the first serious injury I’d witnessed, but it wasn’t. In the water or on the trail, the potential for serious injury is always present. Well maintained safety equipment and informed decision making can help mitigate risks, but won’t eliminate them completely. It’s essential to have a Plan B, if you or someone around you suddenly becomes sick or injured.

My Medic

My Medic First Aid


Come prepared and stay safe, with My Medic!

My Medic provides first aid kits and medpacks, designed to deal with common sports related injuries. Their products give athletes the tools they need to properly administer CPR or first aid, in any scenario. My Medic can mean the difference between life and death, in the case of serious bleeding or cardiac arrest. It also offers remedies for nonfatal illnesses, like upset stomach or allergies, so you don’t have to sacrifice the rest of your day to minor discomfort.

First Aid Kits

My Medic offers a wide array of first aid kits, ranging from the “EveryDay Carry Kit” at $49.95, to the fully decked out “Medic” at $750, and everything in between.

Light – The Everyday Carry Kit is a lightweight, water-resistant first-aid solution that allows for quick, on the go access to essential, life saving equipment. Its dual loops mean it can easily be equipped to any belt or buckle, enabling rapid access. The Everyday Carry Kit opens downward and features upward facing pockets, so you can quickly access life saving equipment without anything falling out. It comes with a vented chest seal, rapid tourniquet, compressed gauze, and a pair of large gloves. Best of all, this kit only weighs a mindblowing 8.5 ounces.

Come prepared and stay safe, with My Medic!

M Medic Everyday Carry Kit
M Medic Everyday Carry Kit

Moderate – The moderately sized, moderately priced MyFAK kit is the ideal addition to any backcountry day trip. Its compact, tri-fold design allows you to fit all the essential first-aid equipment you may need into a convenient, lightweight travel accessory. It features over 100 quality first-aid and trauma supplies, plus a tear away pouch can be used as a mini first-aid kit.

Heavy DutyThe Medic offers over 550 quality first-aid and trauma supplies, hand-picked by medical pros. This HSA/FSA approved kit includes all the basics for treating burns, bleeding, and fractures, plus additional specialty equipment, which includes scalpel blades, sutures, hemostats, hot and cold packs, plus a syringe, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, skin stapler, and more!

All this life saving technology comes packed in a stylish 21 by 13 inch backpack, complete with dual compartments, a ventilated back panel, and velcro patches.

The Medic Backpack
The Medic


Our favorite innovation from My Medic are their sport specific medpacks. As an outdoor lifestyle brand, can appreciate athletes’ urgent need for specific first aid equipment in compromising situations.

My Medic offers a number of different medpacks for common outdoor injuries and ailments. Medpacks can be used as standalone kits or to augment an existing first aid kit. There are medpacks for generic ailments like cuts, burns, allergies, headaches, and colds, and medpacks built to treat specific sports injuries, related to cycling and hiking.


The Airway MedPack includes everything you need to treat the three most common airway injuries; cardiopulmonary arrest, penetrating chest trauma, and obstructed airway. This pack includes a chest seal, CPR mask, and nasal airway inserts, plus lubricant for a seamless entry.

Hiker Medic

On the trail twisted ankles, hypothermia, dehydration, fatigue, and losing your way are constant hazards, which can set in rapidly and quickly spiral out of control. The Hiker Medic MedPack is designed to deal specifically with these types of scenarios. In addition to common first aid items, like gauze and bandages, this MedPack includes a number of hiking specific tools, like paracord, chlorine tablets, a survival blanket, and an emergency whistle.

Cycle Medic

The Cycle Medic MedPack includes everything you need to treat the most common cycling injuries. This tailor made solution was designed by cyclists with medical expertise. It includes antimicrobial and antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, anti-chafe cream, gauze, bandages, electrolyte tablets, sunscreen, lidocaine wipes, and more.

Ride with confidence knowing that should something go wrong, My Medic has your back!

Pet Medic

There are a lot of first-aid kits designed for humans, but what about pets?!

Should something happen during an outing with your furry friend, be prepared with the tools needed to provide effective first aid. My Medic’s Pet Medic MedPack includes tweezers, a slip leash, sensi-wrap, benadryl, gauze, topical wipes, and a downloadable pet first aid guide.


Don’t leave things to fate, take control over your adventure with My Medic! Their collection of first-aid kits and medpacks could mean the difference between life and death on your next outing.