Domestic Travel Options Still Key for Summer 2022

With COVID not even close to being in the rearview after more than two years of psychological scramble and now the war in Ukraine sending shockwaves of worry through the travel industry on top of it, summer travel plans are starting to look a little different than expected, again. International travel might be off the table completely depending on where you’re headed, and gas prices might be making cross-country road trips equally unrealistic.

On one hand maybe that’s the least of our concerns given the state of global climate change, but on the other, pent-up stress doesn’t help anyone. If you can step away long enough to refresh your senses and detach from the headlines, you’ll probably come back more motivated to handle whatever disaster strikes next.

The solution? Embrace your human-powered capabilities. Guided trips and self-guided itineraries from VCT Bicycling Vacations and Country Walkers could help you piece together an adventure that doesn’t take you far from your homebase. This could be your chance to narrow your exploratory focus, maybe find a little more appreciation for your own neck of the woods that hasn’t made the cut before. The best trips are simply the ones that yank our noses away from the grindstone for long enough to remember that there’s more to life than news and to-do’s – and there’s no reason you can’t find that kind of destination closer than you think.

The Golden Isles in Georgia

Banff, Yoho, and the Canadian Rockies

The Olympic Peninsula in Washington

Saguaro National Park in Arizona

California Wine Country

Acadia National Park in Maine

The Natchez Trace in Mississippi