Electric Overlanding with ONYX Motorbikes

What happens when you take classic moped-like setup, add in some retro-futuristic dirt bike styling, and juice it all with the absolute latest in EV tech? You get ONYX. A very sexy, but completely capable and modern take on an electric motorbike.

We’ve had our eye on the SF-based ONYX crew for a while, paying special attention to their RCR model (starting at $3,899) sporting what they call their DRT KIT. The RCR is a performance-based platform with 72 volts of instant torque at the twist of the throttle. Extremely light weight at grand total of merely 145 lbs, it ships assembled and ready to ride complete with a removable battery pack and charger, performance-grade hydraulic disc brakes, and even an anti-theft alarm system. The DRT KIT trim level adds offroading accoutrements such as: knobby tires, a headlight grill, fenders, and a rear rack to strap your bug-out bag onto.

Bottom line, if you’re in search of a trail-ready getaway vehicle with some serious checks in the style column, look no further than ONYX Motorbikes. Best part? No motorcycle license required to add this little beast to your overlandling fleet.

Give ONYX a follow on Insta , as well as their photographer Benoit Ollive, and stay tuned as they have some product updates in store for later on this year.