Electric Truck | Atlis Motor Vehicles

Electric Truck? Yes please! Atlis Motor Vehicles is coming out with the XT all electric truck and it is looking good! 

The standard range is 300 miles but there is an optional 500 mile package. The battery can be recharged in 15 minutes! Just enough time for a coffee and a bathroom break on your adventure. 

The XT is a 4-door with a 2-door model available after launch. The bed of the truck is a standard 6.5 feet with rear steering. It also has true 4-wheel drive with 12 inches of ground clearance. There is a massive storage space under the hood, where most traditional trucks would have their engines. This truck also boasts a 360 degree camera view to help eliminate all blind spots. There is an Auto pilot feature as well as driver assist capability. 

The tow package is very legit at 35,000 lb GCVWR, up a 6% grade while maintaining 65mph. The top speed is 120mph and can reach 0-60mph is less than 5 seconds. Just enough to feel like you are in a street rocket.