Hotshot Duffel Bag

Strong enough for Hotshot firefighters, the Mystery Ranch Flight Monster Duffel is just that…a monster! The ultra-wide opening makes packing a breeze and provides quick access to the entire contents of the bag. Just a few of the great features include:

  • Segregated and compressible laundry bag quarantines dirties
  • Designed to comply with commercial airline regulations of 62 maximum linear inches for checked baggage
  • Carry options all stow securely for streamlined professionalism and air-travel safety, be it fixed-wing, rotor-wing, or a tuna-net sling-load
  • Backpack straps allow for carrying over long distances and packing out of spike camp
  • Zippered, full length side pockets ideal for tent, sleeping pad, or other storage needs

Check out Mystery Ranch’s entire line of bags specifically designed for firefighters, law enforcement, military, and the everyday mountain man or woman here.