Innovative Trekking Pole Water Filter is a 2022 IPSO Award Nominee

Purtrek, a Utah-based outdoor recreation products company, was founded by Kyle Stringham in 2017. Its flagship product is an integrated trekking pole and water filtration system that uses patented technology for users to conveniently access potable water from lakes, rivers and other sources. This is the world’s first — no one has combined a water filtration system into a trekking pole before now.

The brand also announced the selection of its trekking pole water filtration system as one of eight Award Nominees for the coveted 2022 ISPO Awards. ISPO, the leading international sports trade fair, designates awards based on a rigorous application process and review by independent editors and selected consumer experts. Its awards highlight the most outstanding products and services in sports.

MSRP for Purtrek’s complete trekking pole system is $189.99 (one pole with integrated filtration, companion pole weighted to match, and carrying bag). Replacement filters are $39.99. The poles are available for purchase on the company’s website and through a small but growing network of independent retailers in the U.S..

Purtrek founder Kyle Stringham developed the world’s first trekking pole with an integrated water filtration system over a five-year period. The system utilizes patented technology to conveniently pump and purify water from lakes, rivers, and other sources.

“Purtrek’s trekking poles help hikers and backpackers hydrate more efficiently while reducing the amount of gear they need to carry,” said Stringham. “We are honored and inspired to be recognized internationally by the ISPO Organization and community for our approach to water purification, hydration, and outdoor recreation accessibility.”

The Purtrek system works by submerging the pole end into a water source, inserting the drinking tube into a port on top of the pole’s grip, uncoupling the pump slide by twisting the pole, and moving the grip up and down. The water runs through the pole and its integrated, two-stage water filter system, and can be sipped through a drinking tube or channeled into a bottle or hydration bladder. The process only takes a few seconds.

Purtrek’s two-stage filtration system includes a large particulate pre-filter located at the lower inlet and a high-quality Micro Hollow Fiber Filter in the top third of the pole. The Hollow Fiber filter removes 99.999% of waterborne bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella, and 99.99% waterborne protozoa, including giardia and cryptosporidium.

The system delivers almost 2-times more water per pump than its competitors and filters up to 528 gallons per filter (2,000 liters).

Purtrek offers the trekking poles as a set, one pole with the integrated water filtration system and one standard trekking pole, weighted to match the filtration pole. Both poles’ telescoping shafts are made of 7075 aircraft aluminum with aluminum locking tabs and high-strength polymer plastic collars. The filtration pole uses a series of seals, valves, and O-rings to ensure clean drinking water. Both poles are adjustable up to 53″, 36” collapsed everyday storage, and the main pole is fully collapsible down to only 26″ for convenient international travel.


Purtrek products are sold through the company’s website, and a network of independent outdoor retailers.