Introducing Cantonment and their Multi-Use Kerchief

We’re excited to introduce Vanish readers to a new brand called Cantonment and the release of their signature product. It’s a fresh and unique riff on the classic neckerchief and it’s landed just in time for Father’s Day in Worn & Wound’s Windup Watch Shop.

Cantonment’s signature product, the Kerchief, is designed to reintroduce a useful, yet stylish tool cloth into your EDC. Noticing that most bandanas are too big to comfortably fit in a pocket and handkerchiefs are just too small to wear as a neck, face, or head wrap — Cantonment has iterated until landing on a Goldilocks size. The Kerchief is neither too big nor too small. Made from incredibly soft, yet durable 100% cotton with merrowed edges, it fits compactly in a pocket without bulking or bunching. It’s also large enough to wear in a variety of configurations.

Additive to the versatile sizing, the Kerchief comes with a nylon strap that acts as a neckerchief slide, classically referred to as a Woggle. The Kerchief is also fitted with reinforced button holes in all four corners. This allows the Woggle to be used to hang the Kerchief from a belt or backpack for easy access or drying purposes. It can also be fastened to all four corners at once, turning it into a makeshift tote perfect for collecting rocks on the beach or foraging while on a hike.

The Kerchief is sold in sets of two along with one nylon Woggle strap. There are three themed sets designed to celebrate product enthusiasm: a watch-inspired pack called the Chrono Set, a photography-theme called the Opti Set, and an automotive-theme aptly called the Auto Set. Each set will sell for $40 in Worn & Wound’s Windup Watch Shop.

A portion of Cantonment’s profits will be donated to The Fresh Air Fund to help children from New York City’s low-income communities get into the great outdoors.

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