LOGE Camps Expand Modern Motor Inn Experiential Travel Trend

LOGE Camps South Fork

LOGE Camps is inspired by the outdoor travel culture of the 70’s, creating destinations that have the relaxed energy of a road trip with friends or family.

I got to stay at the LOGE Camp in Bend, Oregon, located right off the road from town out to Mt. Bachelor, a few years ago when it was first opening; so when I heard that the brand was opening another new location, this time just down the road from me here in Colorado at the base of the pass leading to Wolf Creek Ski Area (and one of my all-time favorite towns with some of the best hot springs in the world in Pagosa Springs), the fam and I just had to jump at the chance to check this spot off the list before the new school year began.

And while they weren’t quite 100 percent online and still had a lot of perks and upgrades in the works, we could definitely see and feel the potential. The LOGE franchise concept is one of the best of the best. I knew it would be the perfect way to end a week of traveling and camping in our Adventure Wagon … a nice comfy bed, gorgeous remodeled bathrooms with plenty of hot water, a small kitchenette, and all the amenities of a local ski lodge. And you know I love being able to pull right up to a ground-level entrance, allowing easy trips out to the van for supplies, hanging out on the front stoop, working on my bikes, drying gear, etc.

LOGE finds forgotten motels in places and areas that get you outdoors and doing something you love, and ideally, away from the crowds. Of course we all know by now that outdoor hospitality is a growing trend, but what’s unique about LOGE is how they find iconic and beloved roadside properties and give them new life, for the modern road tripper. They don’t just apply a cookie-cutter approach to the properties either—there is still a lot of classic character maintained with the brand’s ethos of building community and getting people outdoors.

They also must be applauded for trying to help people take these types of vacations on a budget. LOGE has options including RV spots, camping in some locations, bunk rooms, and basic motel rooms. And if you don’t own the gear, many LOGE locations have what you need for the activities that are popular in that location. It’s “the hotel that gets people outdoors.” LOGE also has fire pits, live music and seeks to deliver a welcoming outdoor-adventure focused experience at each location.

The new opening in South Fork, Colorado — LOGE Wolf Creek — is a gateway for adventurers seeking access to some of the country’s best fly fishing, skiing, as well as climbing, hiking, and biking. I was able to fly fish with my family chilling by the river and ride hours of gravel while my wife did trail runs, right out the back door. LOGE finds some of the country’s most interesting towns, trails and recreation areas, and brings these properties back to life with a variety of ways to stay. With LOGE Wolf Creek, the group revitalized the old Wolf Creek Ski Lodge, retaining the heritage elements that made it a distinctive roadside stopover while updating the accommodations to reflect a modern experience centered around outdoor recreation. Officially sited in the community of South Fork, CO, this new property boasts 50 rooms with full amenities and gear, including in-room Kammok hammocks, YETI coolers, BioLite headlamps, and Rumpl blankets for guests to use. The property also features a communal fire pit, hot-tubs, and a full-service cafe (Wolf Creek Café + Bar) for meals, trail snacks, beverages, cocktails, and tap beer from Del Norte, CO-based Three Barrel Brewing Company. If four walls aren’t of interest, LOGE Wolf Creek is also developing van hookups for those looking to maximize road trip budgets. EV charging stations are coming soon. When the sun goes down, LOGE Wolf Creek also hosts a slate of live music, campfire socializing, or just gazing at a star-filled night sky.

Currently, LOGE has locations in Bend (OR), Westport (WA), Leavenworth (WA), Alta Crystal (WA), Mt. Shasta (CA) and more are slated to open in 2024, including St. George (UT), Glacier National Park (MT), Missoula (MT), Crystal Slopeside (WA), and Taos (NM).

LOGE has gear on-site to open up outdoor-adventure focused experience at each location and at LOGE Wolf Creek, the gear program is focused on fly fishing, hiking, and snowshoeing. Use of gear is included in a guest’s stay. “Wolf Creek and South Fork are perfect matches for LOGE,” says LOGE Founder and CEO, Cale Genebacher. “Off the beaten path, in an incredible spot for all kinds of adventures, and full of a sense of discovery that’s long run out in other spots, LOGE Wolf Creek is going to be a perfect outdoor destination for those looking for a blend of comfort and exploration.” 

Wolf Creek and South Fork have a growing tourism economy, thanks in part to Rio Grande River gold medal fly fishing, backcountry skiing, and an emerging status as a hub for off-road cycling. These areas remain uncrowded compared to other popular destinations in the state, which also makes this part of the country perfect for LOGE Camps positioning as a gateway to the outdoor destinations before they become household names. In this spirit, LOGE is making a donation to the Colorado Trails Preservation Alliance as part of their 1% Community Giving program, supporting local organizations that advocate for more access to the outdoors.


–Author Aaron Bible is an award-winning travel and outdoors writer with more than 30 years experience covering the outdoor lifestyle business. Follow him @DefinitelyWild for more adventures, gear reviews, and travel trends and advice.