Luxury made easy with Sovaro Gold Premium Cooler


Featuring rich yet elegant in their simplicity, Sovaro coolers offer uncompromised style and performance wherever life takes you, be it an intimate backyard gathering or exclusive oceanfront event. Coolers are the centerpiece of a good time, and Sovaro offers the style and delivers on the features to make you proud to bring your cooler to the forefront of the moment. With room for a few bottles and a plate of fruit or garnishes, the 30-quart cooler is perfect for any party. Designed for a night out with a group of your closest friends, the 45-quart cooler is the perfect size for on-the-go entertainment. Or pack a case of craft beer or a few bottles of your best bourbon — the spacious 70-quart cooler is built to make your big weekend even better. The key to keeping a cooler cold is to keep heat out. With flawless form and faultless function, Sovaro coolers are engineered to achieve superior performance.

Each cooler comes with a complimentary divider. There is an optional additional divider for sale, but only the 45 and 70-quart models can utilize two dividers at a time. You can pick up another divider within this sale as well. This Premium Cooler also includes gold details that set it apart from the entertaining crowd.