Nura Launches NURATRUE Earbuds that are Outperforming and Outpricing the Competition

Every audiophile in the world by now knows about Nura and its Nuraphone and Nuraloop, integrating medical-grade OAE technology into its devices to achieve a customizable listening experience.

And now the Australian company has finally launched the true wireless product everyone from you to Stevie Wonder has been waiting for: a Nura earbud called the NURATRUE.

Nura was founded on a passion for music and a belief that by revolutionizing sound, everyone could hear music the way the artist intended it. In 2018, the over-ear NURAPHONE headphone introduced personalized sound in a fully immersive form. To deliver the same unparalleled listening experience in compact, lightweight earbuds, the brand is now introducing NURATRUE — built from the ground up using highly sensitive microphones and other high-end componentry. Nura devices listen for otoacoustic emissions containing information about the user’s hearing, whereby NURATRUE’s self-learning engine then creates a unique hearing profile providing depth, detail and clarity like no other device can. By making personalized sound more compact and portable than ever, NURATRUE earbuds represent the evolution of the company and the brand.

“This is Nura’s first step into the true wireless market and a chance to reach users who want a more lightweight, portable device,” said Dragan Petrovic, Nura Co-founder, in a statement. “As we expand our portfolio of world-first products, customers can expect to see product bundles with both our fully immersive and lightest-weight personalized sound devices.”

By learning and adapting to your hearing, NURATRUE sonically shapes your music—so you hear more and feel more than ever before. The brand partners with emerging artists and industry icons to embrace our love of music. The Nura Live from Home series has featured new artists and shared listening sessions with trailblazers. Musical giants including Stevie Wonder, and Andrea Bocelli have shared their love of Nura’s sound with the world.


The new NURATRUE (US$199) are available online and at select retailers now.