Phone cable for the nomads

For a long time, I would go through an iPhone cable every 3 months. Yeah, every 3 months! I’m the type of person that really doesn’t sit around much so I charge my phone on the go with a portable power back or charge up at random outlets at the airport or coffee shop. This would cause the non-durable apple iPhone cable to bend and eventually break. How annoying is it when you plug in your phone and it clicks from charging up and then back to not charging every 2 seconds? I still have nightmares of that sound.

Then I discovered the Nomad Universal Cable. I’ve been using it now for just about a year and it still looks and acts new. This thing is insanely durable. MacGyver would use this cable as a zip line to save a village in South America while escaping from a drug lord and his soldiers.

Is this cable tough as nails? Yes. So tough that it is 10K Mil-spec tested and is made up of Ultra Rugged Ballistic Nylon. This Universal cable comes with integrated multi-tip charging options to charge any mobile device. The core cable is USB A to Micro USB. Attached are two tips, an MFi approved Lightning tip and a USB Type C tip enabling you to charge all iPhone models, Android and other USB powered devices. This cable comes in 2 lengths, 0.3M and a 1.5M.

Don’t let crappy cables cause any more headaches.