PSG X Super73-Z Electric Bike

Super 73 is hot on our list as a new brand to follow. Their electric bikes are perfect for romping around the city and on the trail. They collaborated with legendary Parisian Soccer Club, Paris Saint-Germain, on their Super 73-Z series and it is looking good!
The PSG x SUPER73-Z was designed in collaboration with the club to help celebrate both its 50th Anniversary and the launch of the new 2019/2020 season third jersey. As a celebration of the rich Paris Saint-Germain history, the PSG x SUPER73-Z features a custom seat design, custom-painted frame, engraved headset top cap, red wheel spokes, white wheels, a custom chain guard and seat base emblazoned with the Paris Saint-Germain logo*.
The bike’s motor is 500-watt nominal, 1000-watt peak and the range is from 15-25 miles before needing a recharge. The battery has 418 watt hours of power and is removable for charging. Retail price is $1,970 but for the holiday is down to $1,670