Salomon’s Insulated Running Belt: The Perfect Hydration Pack for Quarantine Runs

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Salomon – RS Insulated Running Belt

The team here at Vanish has taken this time to work off our excess energy during the pandemic. While we wait out this once in a lifetime virus, there’s nothing better than killing time with exercise and nice runs to explore.  We’ve also recognized that long runs are particularly fun, especially when done with the right hydration pack.

With the right hydration pack, you can run for miles with no worries. Packed with a few snacks, the phone, car keys, and, of course, a handheld water bottle, pit stops will be a thing of the past. It is one ingenious solution from Solomon that not only makes long runs a lot simpler with one’s stuff safely stored, but also frees up the arms.

It has to be Salomon – RS Insulated Running Belt!

See, when the list of the best running gear to have – the ABSOLUTE must-haves – is normally drawn up, a hydration belt is one really important crucial piece of equipment that never, ever misses. And for many (us included) it isn’t just another brand, but Salomon – RS Insulated Running Belt, is one of the best out there today.

It’s easy to pick Salomon’s brilliant RS Insulated Belt over the rest. 

When shopping for a running belt x hydration pack, everyone’s primary consideration usually is how much it can comfortably carry. Also, if it is so light that one can cover 10K with it and quite easy to adjust, the better.

That simply means, any belt that fits snugly and stays put with minimal jostling attracts countless buyers.

Diving into the features of Salomon’s RS Insulated running belt, it quickly ticks all the above boxes. It is a super-lightweight aluminum sleeved belt with a V-shaped strap, a buckle, and lots of space for the essentials. This belt is one among the few of its kind that you can slip inside a bottle of freezing cold water at the beginning of a run, only later towards the latter part of a run to find the water still freezing cold! That’s a HUGE hydration win in our book!

Yes, the way its sleeve maintains temperature is amazing.

On top of that, it isn’t a mere coincidence that its strap is V-shaped. Such a shape means that this belt perfectly conforms to the abdomen’s shape to create a secure and comfortable fit. It can never fuss around, regardless of how fast you run. Remember, there’s also a convenient buckle to tighten it up a bit – or loosen it.

But perhaps the greatest write home about it is the easy-to-grasp zipped pockets. Whenever you feel like flashing out your iPhone while running, perhaps to change the vibes your running to, the pockets are just within reach. No interruptions on your pace or needless confusions whatsoever!

This belt comes with a 4D bottle holder that supports a 600ml water bottle, plus a couple of essential whatnots one can shove inside the many zipped pockets. It’s made from a tough Double Ripstop, waterproof 500mm material and can comfortably last for years.

Features and specifications

  • Comes with – Hydration/3D Ultra Insulated 600ml Bottle.
  • Waterproof and abrasion-resistant double ripstop material.
  • 4d Bottle Holder – inclined at 45° for quick access.
  • Aluminum Sleeve – maintains temperature constant.
  • V-Shaped Strap – ensures a comfy, secure fit.
  • Weight: 286g.
  • Color – Black.

The Belt MSRP’s at just $55 and is the perfect snag for making the most of the new year. Grab your’s today and get out there!