Introducing Thin Air: A New Type of Outdoor Industry Trade Show

We’re excited to announce that Vanish will be participating in a new outdoor industry trade show called Thin Air. It will take place June 24-26, 2020, not as a replacement for other cancelled trade shows, but as something entirely new. Thin Air is an interactive outdoor industry gathering that will put you in direct contact with brands ready to highlight their newest products, tell their stories, and network all while in a virtual environment.

This new virtual trade show concept seems perfectly suited for the era of social distancing, however it was apparently conceived prior to the COVID-19 crisis. “In fact,” says Thin Air founder Erik Boles, “Thin Air had already been in the works for several years and has nearly a half million dollars invested in the platform alone.”

The show will allow brands to create virtual show booths, while all attendees will create avatars to navigate the 3D virtual environment, similar to an actual trade show. For more information, please visit the Thin Air website.