VAST Trailer | Sylvan Sport

Known for their pop-up tent camping utility trailer, Sylvan Sport, just launched their newest innovation with the VAST Trailer. This trailer is fully enclosed and offers the modularity like their pop-up trailers. Their propriety design has multiple ways of taking your toys into the outdoors with you as well as multiple sleeping options.
The exterior hosts a side-mounted racking system for your SUP or kayaks. This makes it much easier to get your equipment mounted over the traditional way of putting on top of the trailer. The exterior also features a fully functional all-season kitchen. The entire kitchen slides and lowers to be the perfect height for you. There is a 2-burner stove, refrigerator, sink and lots of storage. On the front of the trailer is a secure storage unit. One nice addition to this trailer over other trailers is the bar on the side of the trailer.
On the interior there is a full bathroom as well as multiple ways to configure your sleeping arrangements. There is a precision tracking system that allows the beds or lounge to slide forward to allow for cargo space. They use high quality bedding so that you can ensure yourself some good zzz’s while experiencing the outdoors. They are accepting pre-orders right now and require $1000 down. The VAST Trailer starts at $46,000.