Wild Ingenuity™: Fabio Cavina of Plurimus

For this week’s Wild Ingenuity™ edition, we’re talking with Fabio Cavina, owner of Plurimus – an Italian outerwear company that focuses on military inspiration while experimenting with the concept of modularity. Not following trends, or standard release seasons, Plurimus pushes the boundaries of traditional fashion to create limited edition apparel sets with complimentary accessories. Check out Fabio’s thoughts on Nature – Future – Culture as they relate to Plurimus.

How are your products are inspired by or brings people closer to nature? How is nature woven into your product strategy?
I see Nature as the Force from which everything generates from, an immense Force that needs to be reckoned with and respected. I don’t have a real strategy to deal with Nature, or better, the strategy is probably the consequence of the way I work, which is in a way, a form of “slow fashion” (though I don’t like the word “fashion” and the concept behind it). I don’t do collections, I release probably around 5-6 different garments in a year with no rush and no pressure. The garments I present (mainly Outerwear) are intended to be long lasting. What I do is not fashion, but product research instead.

Where do you go for inspiration either online or in person? What out there in current culture is creating the best or most interesting vibes to motivate you?
I find inspiration from a lot of different places. The inspiration for Plurimus comes from many things that I have seen and loved in my life. There are a lot of references in Plurimus, dating back to 70-80 years ago and going through the 70s and the 80s and of course the early 2000s, from genuine military issues to their 80s re-interpretations, from science fiction movies to super-hero comics, from music to arts. I try my best to follow my instinct and taste and avoid doing what other people brands are doing.

What trends are you seeing and tracking right now that are helping you and your company plan for the future? 
I have always had this fascination for techwear and distopic scenarios, science fiction novels, movies and video games… I started Plurimus in 2015 thinking it was time for a change, striving to create a formula that would work business-wise, but also for me as a person; a formula that would let me actually enjoy creating garments, testing fabrics, taking time to do things properly etc without all the stress of industry. I can see more and more brands investing massively on their webstores, the corona virus problem is obviously accelerating this process even more. I believe a lot of things will change over the next few months.

Check out the latest from Plurimus on their website and on Instagram.