W’menswear AW20 Collection – The Radical Spirit

When former Wild Ingenuity™ interviewee Lauren Yates (aka Ponytail Journal) reached out about the latest season from W’menswear, we knew we’d be for something good. But as we dug into the looks, we were blown away by what we found and we’re excited to share.

This AW20 season, called The Radical Spirit, is based on the secret war in Laos that the CIA only declassified in 2018. Lauren and her team shot the campaign in the Golden Triangle where the Mekong river creates a border between Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand.

These looks are classic, yet bold.

They’re comfortable, yet clever.

And they are fun yet, functional.

Photography: Eric Kvatek
Models: Sukanda Pantab (Moshi), Passalak Supasiripisarn (Dream), and Jessica Hamilton
Art Direction: Lauren Yates
Styling: Buranee Soh

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