Yeti Power | Goal Zero

During times like we are experiencing right now we have lots of questions. When will I be able to travel to Europe? Will the power go out and all hell break loose? When can I go to my favorite bar again? It’s the ups and downs of doom thinking to when will life go back to normal again thinking. Either way, it’s always a smart idea to have portable power. For adventures or in your home to help ease the doom feeling. I’ve used portable power for 10 years now and although I use it on every camping trip, it’s really the assurance that it gives me that is the best. Battery technology has gone under rapid innovation in the last 10 years so I was really excited to see Goal Zero launch their new Lithium Yeti 500 Power Station. A few years ago it was mostly lead acid batteries, similar to your car battery, that was the option and lugging those around was a pain – in the back.
The new Yeti 500 has 20% more power into a 20% smaller and lighter shell than its predecessor. The power stations can keep all your small to medium size devices and appliances charged. So good for neighborhood movie nights (when that can happen again) or going full glamp style at the campground. The Yeti 500 has AC, 12V, USB and a 60w USB-C ports. The options to recharge the power station is with solar, off your wall plug at home or a 12C car charger. Available for $699.