5 Things on the Holiday Wishlist

As an adult, the holidays are (and should be) more about the time spent with the important people in our lives than wrapped up surprises us for a given morning or night. That said there’re always a few things we wish someone might gift us. These are five of the items we wouldn’t mind tearing the wrapping paper off this week.

CRKT Provoke Knife

The new Provoke Knife from CRKT isn’t technically available yet, but wow is it beautiful. Like a Raptor’s claw you can palm, CRKT brought Joe Caswell’s dynamic design to life for the average person. Its blade is clearly inspired by a traditional karambit knife, but the Provoke’s opening action is ground breaking and stunning to behold. The holidays are always rooted in tradition, but why not move it forward with something revolutionary.


Athlon Optics Midas 8 x42

A good set of binoculars used to set you back a rather large sum of money. But, as with camera lenses, optical manufacturing advancements have made a damn good pair relatively affordable. Athlon Optics gets excellent performance reviews, looks good, and has a myriad of options. Their Midas 8×42 has been sitting in our Amazon cart for months. It’d be nice to finally get a pair to scope out surf sets, summit approaches, and wildlife in the field.


The Field Study Handbook

Authored by Jan Chipchase, The Field Study Handbook is “The comprehensive how-to, why-to guide to running international field research projects. The Handbook is for anyone that needs to understand users, customers, people across markets, geographies and cultures.” Right up our alley. If you’ve got a passport and are looking to add more stamps from the far flung corners of the globe come 2019, it might be a good pick for you too.


Blue Ridge Overland Molle Seatback Panel

Smart storage is often lacking in 4×4’s, especially ones of the older variety. Blue Ridge Overland’s Molle Seatback Panel is a simple yet genius solve for that issue. By adapting the proven modular Molle web gear system beloved in tactical spheres for your vehicle. The seat back panels allow you to customize your gear on the back of any given vehicle seat and change it out as your needs shift. Perfect for tailoring the Vanish rig for given trips and adventures.


RVCA VA Sport Grappler Shorts

4-way stretch, comfy velcro closure, and a medium 17″ outsell make RVCA’s VA Sport Grappler Shorts ideal for any cross training the winter calls for. Whether Kettlebells, Krav Maga, or some bouldering they seem fit for the challenge.  Two pair seem ideal to keep them on rotation and us fit and ready for the new year.