Punkt. MP02 Mobile Phone

For us, part of the annual year end reflection has been considering the time we spend looking on a smartphone. While the benefits they provide are undeniable, so too is their addictiveness. With that in mind, a search for a “dumb” phone brought us to Punkt.’s new MP02. With analog aesthetics reminiscent of Dieter Rams’s pivotal work for Braun, the MP02 is our pick if we can orchestrate a partial or full break from our smartphone. The MP02 is everything you need and nothing you don’t. Built with glass-fibre reinforcement its tough abrasion resistant coating and palmable size (12cm x 5cm) ensure a secure grip and durability. 4g LTE equipped its built first and foremost to make calls, send texts, and a long battery life. But, when a larger screen is needed to get the job done the MP02 can function as a WIFI hotspot. If Punkt. makes one in OD Green we’re in 100%…we might be anyway. Does anyone know if MapQuest still works?