A Sampling of the Top Vanish Outdoor Gear Picks for Spring

We get a lot of pitches for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gear picks each spring, and it’s impossible to cover them all or even wade through them all, yet there are always standouts we wish we had for ourselves. All in all, picking out gifts for the parents in your life is always a difficult task. But these gear picks just seemed to resonate with all the “cool” mums and dads around the Vanish HQ. What better way to show you care than with some gear that mom or dad will actually use.

Opinel Hand Pruners

What do you get the gardener who has everything? Something from a French heritage brand whose product line now literally spans from the farm to the table. With its strong, sharp stainless steel blade, Opinel has taken the quality it is known for and created another highly practical and enduring family gift item above reproach by even the choosiest recipients. MSRP: $59

Tred Labs Dash Insole Kit

If you haven’t heard the mom and/or dad in your life complain about pain in their feet, do you even listen? This extra-firm carbon fiber insole kit will without a double put a spring in their step. These insoles help to optimize the body’s biomechanics and relieves pain and discomfort by eliminating pressure, and increasing stability. These insoles are good for the body and for the planet. Each pair has a replaceable and interchangeable foam top. This means you can change out the foam top without having to purchase a whole new pair. We know how much the moms and dads in our lives hate waste. MSRP: $125

Backcountry Access BC Air Touring Helmet

We know wearing your helmet on the ascent is either too heavy or hot and sweaty, typically far from ideal. But there’s no telling when trouble will strike. The Backcountry Access Air Touring helmet is designed with massive ventilation and major protection from the Boulder-based brand renowned for this type of innovation. Good looking, simple, lightweight, and affordable with all the protection you need, this helmet ideal for a spring backcountry adventure. MRSP: $150

V Smiley Preserves

These preserves are made from real fruit and fresh honey, so good you’ll want to eat them completely by themselves. This company says that it is proudly queer-female owned and operated. V Smiley is a living breathing family farm in Vermont making incredible products. MSRP: $7-$28

Velocio LUXE Bra

Velocio set out to create the best cycling bra ever: lightweight, highly breathable, and plenty of support. With a sleek and minimal design the LUXE bra is what every athlete needs, including strategically placed seams to prevent uncomfortable friction. The ultra-soft, matte fabrics create a beautiful look and the comfort every woman wants in an athletic bra for cycling, paddle boarding, and other activities. MSRP: $70

Vermont Bean Crafters Bean Box

This unique subscription box is a curated selection of special beans from special places. A great gift for the adventurous eater or vegetarian in your life. Each box comes with 5 pounds of distinct bean varieties and 1 pound of a special addition (eg: pepitas or special herb blends). Each box comes with recipe ideas, and details on the farms that each variety comes from. Each variety of beans is sustainably sourced, nutritious, and delicious. The Bean Box is a sustainable, delicious and fun gift for any healthy foodie parent! MSRP: $48

North St. Bags Davis Backpack

The Davis Daypack is perfect for any adventure, and you might even actually want to be seen out and about with your parent if they are wearing this. Or better yet maybe they will buy it for you. This pack is rain-proof, versatile, and completely comfortable. With a 20L+ carrying capacity, internal pockets including a laptop sleeve, everyone needs a pack like this, seriously, everyone. For work or for play this pack is seriously ready for it all, perfect for the busy schedule of a parent. MSRP: $114

Vermont Glove Vermonter

These high performance work gloves are some of the most durable on the planet — made of 100 percent goat’s leather completely hand stitched in Vermont. Whatever spring and summer projects you are planning, everyone will want to have a pair of these bad boys on hand…pun intended. These gloves are perfect for daily wear, and can withstand high levels of rough use. Goats leather is able to keep its strength and softness through many wet and dry cycles, because it has more natural oils than cowhide. It won’t become stiff, dry, or brittle, so these gloves last for years to come. MSRP: $100

Silva Trail Runner Free

This trail running headlamp is the fifth generation of Silva’s OG running headlamp. Perfectly balanced, with a soft band for comfort, but strong enough to handle the rustling of a trail run. The no hassle cords are integrated into the band, which means nothing dangling around and tickling your head or neck. This headlamp is perfect for the trail running moms and dads in your life. Up to 400 lumens, with multiple battery pack options, this is a seriously powerful light. As summer approaches, night can be the most relaxing time to get out for a run. Running at night without a proper headlamp just simply isn’t an option. With warm summer evenings around the corner, this headlamp is the perfect Mother’s or Father’s day gift for the parents in your life who love to run. MSRP: $109.99

Bivo: One

The Bivo: One is the most badass cycling water bottle currently on the market, and it’s not made of plastic. This stainless steel bottle was designed with input from an ex-NASA engineer to have a flow rate fit for any athlete in your life. Because it’s steel, it also lacks any of the chemicals found in your plastic bike bottle, is mold-resistant, and leaves water tasting pure. Its patent-pending, high-flow sport nozzle is perfect for maximum hydration on any ride. Obviously, the coolest of parents know the importance of staying hydrated. Anti-rattle and anti-slip, this bottle is any cyclist’s dream. The Bivo is the perfect gift for anyone who is ready to ride harder, and for longer this summer! MSRP: $39