Backpackers Toolkit: The Gerber Devour Multi-Fork

Seasoned adventurers are constantly looking for gear that takes up less space, is lightweight, and provides multiple functions. The Gerber Devour Multi-Fork meets these exact needs and takes it a few steps further. With 9 base functions and weighing in at less than an ounce, this backpacking “spork” is a must-have gear item for your backpacking toolkit.


There are several unique functions to point out with the Multi-Fork, but its primary function is for meal prep and eating. Comparing the common folding titanium spork to the Gerber Multi-Fork, one will find that some simple design changes found in the Multi-Fork make for a tremendous difference during mealtime.

The offset long tine fork combined with the flat edges, the angles of those edges, and the deep spoon basin makes for a much cleaner and streamlined experience regarding bagged meals. Whereas the folding spork will collapse under normal use, struggles with getting food from the bottom/edges of the bag, and the food smeared knuckles that follow along with the task- the Gerber Multi-Fork performs flawlessly.

Attached Multi-Tool

The attached multi-tool also acts as a rest for the Multi-Fork. While cooking or heating, you can struggle a bit to find a clean place to lay your utensil (usually winding up on top of your shoe, a rock, or a branch—if not the dirt). The Multi-Fork rests on the lip of the pot or cup you are heating. While perched on this integrated kickstand, heat transfer is slight. Making this a safe, clean, and simplified alternative.

The multi-tool itself packs in a few basic tools that offer expanded functionality. These functions include:

  • A Bottle Opener
  • A Can Opener
  • Small and Large Flat Tip Screwdrivers
  • Serrated Bag Opener
  • Small Pry Bar

Materials and Specifications

The materials used to manufacture the Gerber Devour Multi-Fork include 7075 T6 anodized aluminum for the main body and stainless steel for the integrated multi-tool. This provides weight savings where it counts and strength where needed. The corrosion- resistant anodized aluminum body is beautifully crafted in the burnt bronze color with a textured handle for improved grip.


Retailing at just $17, the Gerber Devour Multi-Fork, an Editors’ Choice Award winner at Backpacker Magazine, is a must-have gear item for your next outdoor adventure.

Grab yours today.