VSSL Compact Adventure Kit: Peace of Mind For All Your Outdoor Adventures

VSSL gear has taken camping to a whole new level with the VSSL Compact Adventure Kit. This product opens up a world full of possibilities for camping enthusiasts. Get over 72 camping essentials packed and organized in one kit. Go camping feeling confident and secure because you know you have everything you need at the palm of your hands. What makes the VSSL unique from other camping kits?

Superb Technology

The outside kit is made of military-grade aluminum. This means that the kit is indestructible even under the toughest conditions. For example, if you topple and fall on the VSSL, it remains intact and the supplies inside the kit remain secure. This technology makes the compact adventure kit super light (less than 1lb). It is waterproof keeping your gear clean and dry from external dirt and water. VSSL Camp has gone the extra mile and designed the kit 9” long and a 2” diameter. The design makes the VSSL easy to carry, and Ultra-Packable.

Advantages of the Compact Adventure Kit Ultra-Packable

The VSSL has an excellent product design that is compact and allows you to pack over 72 camping essentials. They include a VSSL light with 200 lumens LED light, VSSL oil-filled precision compass, mini first aid, fire starter kit, rope, razor, a fishing kit, and MUCH more. With this VSSL, you pack all the essential supplies in one place and avoid the dilemma of deciding which gear to leave out.

The Gears are Easily Accessible

The Compact Adventure Kit keeps all your gear organized in such a way you can access everything with ease. For instance, in case you get lost in the woods, the VSSL Compass is packed on top of the kit, making it easy to get your sense of direction. The Compact Adventure Kit ensures everything remains in one place. Rest assured, the gear cannot become disorganized.

Easy to Carry

The VSSL Compact Adventure Kit is super light. You will hardly notice you are carrying the kit. Carry it on one side of the backpack and access it easily anytime you need to use a particular gear. Get your VSSL here, and a have the peace of mind when you explore the wild.

Save on Much-Needed Space

With all the essential gear packed in the VSSL, you get much extra space in your backpack. Use this newly freed space to carry supplies that require a lot of space. For example, pack a blanket, a bottle of water, food supplies and other more bulky essentials.


Saying that VSSL has simplified camping is an understatement. It does so much more. You get to access all the essential gear inside a single kit, where you can reach them fast and without hassle. The extra work of opening up your backpack, just to find your first aid kit and other essentials is long gone. Furthermore, the VSSL is light making it very easy to carry along in any bag or by itself. Get your VSSL today and take your outdoor excursions to a whole new level.  The Compact Adventure Kit MSRP is $129 and available here.