Bravado and Primitive Honor Tupac Legacy

Bravado, the merchandising force behind the Universal Music Group, has partnered with the Shakur Estate and Primitive to honor the tumultuous, controversial, and undeniable impact of Tupac Shakur. Even the most unplugged know the Tupac moniker and have at least a loose grip on the mark he’s made on cultural, political, and artistic history. But there’s a stark difference between the surface-level awareness that accompanies his household name and the deeper story behind the legacy he left.

The Wake Me When I’m Free apparel collection comes out of a collaboration between Bravado and Primitive in parallel with a museum exhibit of the same name now showing at L.A. Live.

The exhibit walks visitors through snapshot peeks into his life via his tools for creation and the efforts he left behind, both those we widely know him for and others only recently sprung from the time capsule of his estate since his death in 1996.

Bravado and Primitive then came together to supplement the exhibit with designs that convey the urban, everyday significance of Tupac’s formidable presence. The hoodies, T-shirts, posters, totes, and hats all feature images, art, and language from the exhibit to transport the message beyond museum walls.

Wake Me When I’m Free, both the exhibit and the collection, digs into depths of Tupac’s personality that haven’t made it into spotlight before: the experiences that drove his actions, the saint behind the sinner, and the emotional upheaval that underscored it all.