Winter Trade Show Season Primed for Launch of Vanish.TV

The Vanish team was on the winter tradeshow circuit again this year — this time filming brands and engagement for its upcoming launch and rebrand as Vanish TV.

The Show Daily caught up with Vanish founder David Gensler for some exclusive insights at the Snow Show in January.

In the show wrap up, Gensler said he was most excited to see a combination of global industry leaders like Fjällräven and Oakley share the floor with cutting edge brands like Nanga and Alpha Industries, and many other new and young brands. “The future of outdoor will clearly be the collision of various industries and cultures coming together to make clear a new expanded vision of what defines outdoor,” he said.

“We, the industry, have to better understand the consumer and their day-to-day lives, how they evolve and adapt in the post-COVID-19 landscape. People are now, more than ever, willing to try new things and incorporate more technology and new brands into their existing lifestyles,” Gensler continued. “The market has to not just recognize and respond to this reality, but rather it must be one step ahead and lead the collisions and inclusions of ‘new’ into the traditional spaces that define the outdoor industry. The future ecosystem of the outdoor industry will include everything from gaming and blockchain technologies to overlanding, tiny homes, green energy, and beyond…the days of a market filled with just puffy coats and climbing gear are long gone.”

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